Sunday, June 19, 2011

#48: You get the house to yourself

#48: It makes my day when………. You get the house to yourself.
After a very crazy few weeks travelling around Australia for work & pleasure, I came back to Melbourne on Monday afternoon and my folks arrived Tuesday on the back half of their 6 week world trip to stay with us for 5 days.
It was so wonderful to see them and they bunked in with us in our 1 bedroom apartment – so it was very cosy. Luckily for all, we hardly spent any time at home as we were out enjoying the sights of Melbourne and they have plenty of friends over here to catch up with.
Anyway the point to my story is that on Sunday afternoon after I dropped them off at the airport L and with Matt having another engagement to attend to, I had the house all to myself…….Oh it was lovely!
Now those who know me well will know that I spend a lot of my time working from home, so you are probably thinking “You always have the house to yourself” but this is different. I am talking about the times you have the house to yourself and you really have nothing else to do.
You can sit on the couch, eating grapes watching crap TV in your daggy trackies and not have to worry about a thing…….and that’s exactly what I did yesterday.
Not a great use of my time but a vital part of my relaxation routine (which seems to be diminishing by the week).
What do you like to do when you get the house to yourself?
Happy relaxing!
Becstar x

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