Tuesday, June 14, 2011

#45: The waiting room has recent magazines

#45: It makes my day when……….The waiting room has recent magazines.
Oh my gosh….this one is a ripper! Now this blog seems to bringing out all my dirty little secrets, so I may as well divulge that I am a tragic when it comes to celebrity news and trashy mags.
So boy do I get excited when I enter the waiting room of the doctors/physio/dentist/beauticians and see that the latest copy of Who, OK or even Woman’s Day is awaiting for my reading pleasure.   
Sometimes I even hope that my appointment will be running 10mins late so I can see what Speidi, TomKate and Brangelina have been up to……Please don’t lose respect for me, I’m sure you secretly love it to.
Happy reading!
Becstar x

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