Thursday, June 2, 2011

#36: Your order is stuffed up & you reap the rewards of free food

#36: It makes my day when……….. Your order is stuffed up & you reap the rewards of free food.
Now I’m not sure what’s going on but it seems to me, that ever since I started this blog, that my life just seems to have got so much more awesome with so much luck going my way or perhaps I am just noticing it more????
Anyway my family has an uncanny attraction to our orders being stuffed up at restaurants, but not normally in a good way – until last night.
Since my folks are away in the US, it is only me and my bro at home, while I am in Perth. So we decided to get Mexican from our fave restaurant, Pancho’s. (I have been going there since I was 2, they used to sponsor us for triathlon and Trav & I both worked there for a few years)
Now I was out, so I asked Trav to order on the phone & I would pick it up. He ordered and asked for the food to be cold & then we would heat it up in the microwave when we got home (Incidentally if you didn’t know that most Mexican was made in the microwave, you now know!)
So I get there and ask for my order to have the waitress say the dreaded but not uncommon for us words “There was a problem with your order” Bugger, I instantly had flashbacks to many hours waiting for food that would only be ‘5 more mins’ but alas tonight was going to different.
She then proceeded to say that they had accidentally stuffed up and made the food hot, so they had given us this as well as our full order cold. Sweet, so it meant that we had two of everything, including the best conqueso dip, you will ever eat! We got home ate the hot food and we now have a whole second meal for tonight!!!!!
I was so over the moon and told anyone who would listen about my good fortune. Thanks for listening and good luck to you with your next order.
Happy eating!
Becstar x
                                                              Good karma is delicious!

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