Wednesday, June 15, 2011

#46: Your appointment is on time

#46: It makes my day when……….Your appointment is on time.
Now I know in the excitement of yesterday’s post regarding fresh magazines, I may have suggested that I don’t mind appointments that are not running on time…….well I take it all back! Even with the latest copy of OK in hand, I would much prefer my appointment to be running to the exact minute.
If you are like me you probably head to an appointment almost expecting the doctor/physio/chiro or masseuse to be running 15mins behind schedule. So imagine your excitement when you get one line into the cover story and you hear your name being called.
You actually might be so shocked that it startles you and causes you to jump up like you have just been called to “Come on down” on The Price is Right! How embarrassing, you may have overreacted!
So after a few excited skips you control yourself and settle back into a relaxed walk. However what the others in the waiting room can’t see if the massive smile you have across your face at your good fortune.
You are definitely going to be running on time for the rest of your day and hence sharing the excitement of good punctuality with others.
Happy timing!
Becstar x

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