Monday, August 29, 2011

#88: Your inbox is full of personal emails

#88: It makes my day when………….. Your inbox is full of personal emails

If you are anything like me, you work world revolves around Outlook and the receipt and sending of emails….I couldn’t count how many I deal with on a daily basis and to be honest I don’t think I want to know.

Although I am quite strict about how I deal with my emails, making sure that I file them away once dealt with and try to keep my inbox down to a minimal amount, which hence means that I am up to date. Current count = 17, a bit disappointing as I like to keep in single figures.

However take me away from the office for a few days or even a few hours and I will most certainly come back to fresh emails and a full list of things I need to attend to, which can sometimes be overwhelming.

Now don’t get me wrong sometimes the emails are great, with clients praising us or telling us they want to come on board with our great systems but the most excited I get when checking my emails is when I see an inbox full of emails from family & friends…….

Isn’t it just like the new way of receiving hand written letters? Certainly nowhere near as romantic but still nice. (For those really young readers of mine who are struggling to comprehend what email is all about, you probably understand this concept more when you receive facebook notifications)

I love the days when the email banter is rife between my girlfriends and I have to scroll through the 15 one-lined emails to understand the joke. Or the random out of the blue ‘how are you?’ emails from more distant friends or even really good email forwards that make you smile and remind you that some else has thought of you.
Whatever it may be these emails certainly shine through from work related emails and make me smile.

Happy emailing!

Becstar x

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