Sunday, July 31, 2011

#72: You randomly see a friend while driving.

#72: It makes my day when…………..You randomly see a friend while driving.
Don’t even pretend like this doesn’t make you excited. You are driving along, probably along the same roads that you do every morning, going about your normal business when suddenly you see a familiar car coming towards you.
Before you know it, you have recognised that it is your good friend, Lucie, and without even thinking you beep the horn twice (2 short, sharp beeps to signify a friendly hello rather than one 3 sec beep that would signifies “By gosh, you’re a bad driver”), a massive smile comes over on your face and your arms are flailing all over the place inside the car simulating at an excited wave.
Alternatively if you are on the receiving end (aka You are now Lucie) you will also be driving along in a semi trance thinking about all the things you have to do today, until you are jolted out of your thoughts as you hear 2 sharp honks of a horn and the vision of a crazy woman waving hysterically at you. Your first thoughts are that you must be driving erratically but then as you pass them by you recognise that it is your good friend Bec, you smile, waving back in your rear view mirror hoping she sees that you recognised her.
Either way you both drive away smiling, thinking of where the other person may be heading. Plus you will have something exciting to tell your partner/housemates when you get home and laugh about next time you see each other “Oh you should have seen your face when I beeped” “Oh I thought you were a crazy woman”…..(insert giggles between you here)
Happy driving!
Becstar x

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