Wednesday, July 6, 2011

#60: Your Taxi driver is normal

#60: It makes my day when………...Your Taxi driver is normal
Travelling a lot for work this year has meant that I have been forced to rely heavily on public transport and taxi’s to get me around cities right across Australia. The unknown nature of whether the transport system will be working efficiently, whether I will get the right train, whether the traffic will be flowing or whether I will be able to squeeze on a packed inner city Sydney train gets me feeling very anxious every time.

However when I am standing in the taxi queue awaiting my next ride, my thoughts go directly to nature and craziness level of my potential driver.

And boy have I had some doozies already this year – drivers going through red lights, screaming down the phone, beeping incessantly or making me feel like I have ruined his day when telling him the location of my intended destination.

Therefore it sure is a good day when you get a “normal” driver. One who jumps out and helps you with your bags, nods along when you tell him of your destination and seems to know the way, accelerates and brakes smoothly, makes small talk when appropriate, does not yell or scream, has the radio on a good channel, does not need to stop for petrol and obeys all road rules (Well almost all of them).

Now for some of you this may not seem like a big deal but I tell you now, that these guys are a rare find and I have found myself heaping excessive praise on their driving skills simply because I never felt my life was in danger once during the trip.

I love people who do their job well and although they may not be really exceeding by simply following the road rules, they are well above the average by default due to all the other ‘less proficient’ drivers.

So in my eyes, that’s enough to get me excited and happily enjoying the trip.

Happy commuting!

Becstar x
                                     This lady taxi driver looks like she would be a winner!
                               She’s even labelled her taxi ‘The Happy Cab” – How sweet!

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