Thursday, July 28, 2011

#71: The public toilet has paper towels.

#71: It makes my day when………….. The public toilet has paper towels.
Now I’m all for the progression of society and invention of new things but really…..hand dryers? Who ever thought they were a good idea? Is it just me or do they just not work? Well unless you have a spare 15mins to spend in the ladies and then you have to explain your extended absence to your friends who wait for you otherwise they’ll think you are having bowel problems….
Maybe they are trying to save paper towels? But even then the electricity to run them would equalise that? Maybe the inventors have family or friends who own a lot of toilet facilities and they have managed to dominate the market?
I really have no idea why they have continued to be used and if you’re an avid  bathroom frequenter you will have noticed that they have even spent time trying to improve the technology & creted a new style of hand dryer but they still DON’T work!
So anyway I always get super excited (well as excited as one can be in a public toilet) when exit the cubicle, lather up the liquid soap, rinse the hands and then turn around for the drying process to spot……..a full supply of crisp, clean paper towels.
Ahhhhh…my hands will be dry in 4.5 seconds and I can avoid placing an awkward wet patch on the back of my jeans from the excess water that has failed to evaporate from the hand dryer.
Happy hand wiping!
Becstar x      

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