Sunday, July 3, 2011

#57: You discover awesome new iphone Apps

#57: It makes my day when………...You discover awesome new iphone Apps
Searching for, downloading and updating new iphone Apps is one of those things that you always mean to do but just never get around to it.
It wasn’t until last week when a friend of mine, Lisa, pointed me to The Age’s “Top 100 Apps” article (see link here) that I finally took the time to have a look. I actually put aside time in my diary to ‘Research & download new apps” and I’m glad I did.
Some of the new Apps I love:
·         Age Face – I can’t remember laughing this hard in ages (pardon the pun) after transforming my families faces. Brilliant!  
·         TED – If you enjoy motivational speeches, then you can now be inspired anywhere, anytime!
·         Uno  - Loved playing this game during my childhood
·         Find My iPhone – Never lost a phone before but if I did, would be very handy to remotely erase all data.
·         AroundMe – Great for when you are constantly travelling or checking out new places.
·         Postino – Cool idea, take a picture & you can instantly create and send a postcard to your friends or family!
·         Viber – Send messages, pictures and make calls using data rather than your call charges.
So this week when I travelled up to Sydney on my own and had plenty of time to kill in taxis/planes and on the train, I was so pleased with myself that I had new apps to play with.

They also helped me find somewhere for dinner, record and remember important work notes, plan my travel on public transport and improve my general knowledge skills with some impromptu quiz questions.
What did we used to do without these things?

Any useful apps you have that we should all know about?

Happy downloading!

Becstar x

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