Sunday, July 17, 2011

#64: You master a new skill.

#64: It makes my day when………….. You master a new skill.
Firstly apologise to you all for my lack of blog posts last week – I was just having too much of a great time in the snow at Falls Creek. I had tried to be organised and prepared 2 drafts for posts on Monday & Tuesday but then I literally did not turn on my computer for the rest of the week (First time in over 2 years, I’ve gone two days without switching it on!)
Anyway today’s blog post is all about what I was doing last week – mastering the skill of skiing! Or more generally mastering a new skill!
How good is it when you are able to finally dominate a new skill that you have just learnt or may have been practicing for ages.
Whether it was finally being able to tie your shoelaces when you were a kid, mastering the art of cooking pumpkin scones or learning to ride your bike backwards sitting on the handlebars (This one took me ages to master. I have no idea why I spent so long learning such a useless skill but it does impress people when I whip it out!).
Nothing beats the satisfaction of achieving the desired result after putting in the hard work!
So last week, I was full of smiles as I conquered the blue runs of Falls Creek gaining confidence (perhaps too much confidence) with each run and pushing my speeds higher and higher.
What’s next of your list of new skills to conquer?
Happy practicing!
Becstar x

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