Tuesday, September 13, 2011

#91: You finally burn your scented candles

#91: It makes my day when…………..You finally burn your scented candles.

Anyone else out there have a house full of lovely scented candles that sit around your house with the plastic still on them or worse still collecting a heavy layer of dust?

Well I have plenty and when I get close enough I remember how good they smell, so I always wonder why do I never actually light them?

However when I actually do finally remember to do so (after I have successfully remembered to buy matches after failing to do so on 3 consecutive shopping trips) it always lifts my mood. There is something about the soft flick of a candle and the slow waft of vanilla bean or sandalwood through your home that lifts my spirits.

Then when you blow them out the lovely smells intensify and you feel quite pleased with yourself – or maybe it’s just me?

But I do suggest that you all get out the matches and light one of you scented candles today! Now even! I know you all have some lying around and I promise it will make you feel calmer & improve your day, no matter how well or poorly it is going.

Happy smelling!

Becstar x

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