Sunday, September 11, 2011

Repeat #67: A true champion prevails

#67: It makes my day when…………..A true champion prevails.

This one has happened again, so rather than get a new post today, we simply modify an old one for a new champion!
Wow what a month it has been of late nights watching the Tour de France but for all the tired mornings  it was so worth it! What a day, Sammy Stosur, you are amazing!

So many people have bagged Cadel over the years but I knew he had it in him and the way in which he did it, was nothing short of extraordinary. A gritty, determined female sportswoman who struggled with lack of sponsorhips up until only a few years back, simply gets on with the job and today was crowned US Open Champ.

I must admit it was a very weird feeling this morning, as although I knew Sam was in the final, I thought it was being played in the middle of the night & was due out an the aiport early to head up to Sydney. I was still without coffee when walked into the Qantas Club and saw 40 odd people huddled around the TV. My heart sunk, as I thought "Shit another natural diaster/terrorist attack" but much to my relief and excitement I realised they were watching Sam. I put my bags down and tried to look at the score when all of a sudden everyone was cheering, clapping and high fiving strangers - she had won!

It was so joyous to see complete strangers get so excited together and a very happy way to start the day.

I get goosebumps just thinking about it and I know I'm not the only one.....

Bravo Cadel Sammy, you have totally made my day and it's so great to see true champions prevailing.

Happy riding ball hitting!

Becstar x

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