Monday, September 19, 2011

#93: You get inspired.

#93: It makes my day when………….. You get inspired.  

So I’ve just spent over 7 hours today in a seminar with possibly the world’s best coach, Anthony Robbins. Therefore it would be impossible not to be having a great day right?

Very enthusiastic & positive guy, who had 10,000 people dancing without the assistance of alcohol – which is no mean feat I’m sure. His message of changing your ‘state’, raising your standards and changing your ‘shoulds’ to ‘musts’ to help you achieve your goals certainly struck a cord with me and I left there with plenty of internal questions for myself that I will continue to digest for the next few days.

But it did make me remember how great it is to get inspired…..…..Whether it is from a motivational speaker, from seeing someone around you achieve something great, through the lyrics of a song, reading an autobiography or even watching a movie that seems to speak to you.

Whatever the forum, the feeling remains the same and hopefully it leads to action that moves you forward and helps you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

Where are you going to find your next source of inspiration? If your answer is ‘dunno’, then I suggest you check out I’m sure you will find something that cuts through to you.

Happy days!

Becstar x
Getting pretty darn close to Tony Robbins today….tomorrow’s speaker is Donald Trump!

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