Wednesday, September 14, 2011

#92: A friend leans on you (or vice versa)

#92: It makes my day when………….. A friend leans on you (or vice versa).

In honour of R U OK Day here in Australia (Check it out at today’s blog post is all about how great it feels when a friend leans on you for advice, support or comfort during a difficult time.

Obviously they may not be feeling great at the time but there is a part of us that makes us feel proud and honoured that they were able to come to us and that they thought that we could help them. And hopefully through lending an ear, being a shoulder to cry on or simply acting as a sounding board, they will walk away feeling much better than they had prior.  

This in why this works so well in reverse also, as we all know how comforting it feels when you are able to unload or ask advice from your closest (or sometimes not even your closest) friends and confidents. The weight that is lifted off your shoulders to be able to simply say the words is one which while may not be considered joyous but I guarantee it will feel much better than holding it in.

It confuses me why we are always so reluctant to share our worries, struggles or concerns with others, as we all have them at some level and I guarantee everyone secretly holds it in at some stage through their life.
So if you are out there struggling at the moment, please talk to someone about what’s bothering you, as not only will you feel better instantly but you will also improve the day of your friend who you confide in.

Happy sharing!

Becstar x

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