Sunday, October 9, 2011

#95: You see the clock on your magic time

#95: It makes my day when…………..You see the clock on your magic time 

Good morning readers, hope you all had a nice weekend. Are you ready for today’s blog & for what may end up being the last week of the MMDW blog? I hope so, as we only have 5 posts to go…….

So hopefully I am not alone with today’s post but I have a feeling that I’m not. Who out there has their own magic time? Some of you may be thinking, what is she talking about but those who have one will already be nodding along & can skip to the next paragraph. I’m not necessarily talking about your favourite time of day, I am talking about the magic number that you always see when you glance at all the digital clocks in your life.  

Mine is 11.11 and I see it all the time. Case in point yesterday when I went to use the microwave - I opened the cupboard and there it was glowing brightly (see picture proof below). Sometimes I have a sudden urge to check my phone to see if I have any messages to find no phone love but 11.11 saying hello.

Now I understand the theory behind Reticular Activation (where you see things that you are thinking about – which is why when you think about buying a black 4WD, you start to see them everywhere) but I really never seem to view 11.10 or 11.12 (Perhaps I just don’t notice it?).

Either way I don’t mind, as I like to think that it is the universes way of keeping me happy, as every time I see it, I smile and am amazed at my great timing.

Happy clock watching!

Becstar x

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