Sunday, October 30, 2011

#99: You complete the goal you set out to achieve

#99: It makes my day when………….. You complete the goal you set out to achieve

Wohoo, I have finally made it to 99 posts for MMDW blog and although the last 15-20 posts have dragged out, we have finally made it. Better late than never right?

Making it to no.99 (and knowing what no.100 will be) has made me very happy, as I really wasn’t sure I would get here, which brings me today’s post idea.

Isn’t it great when you finally complete the goal you set out to achieve?

Today I am also actually enjoying a double dose of happiness, as today also marks the completion of Movetober. An initiative created by Kelly at The Smile Collective encouraging her readers to exercise every day of October. Being a keen exerciser, I set a goal of 30min of cardio (or 1hr if walking) which I thought would be easy to achieve. However it was much tougher than I thought and on at least 6 days I really had to push myself to get it done. Sorry Kel, I may have cursed your name as I was putting on my joggers but was always grateful by the end of the session and it reinforced how important exercise is for my own happiness.

But this post isn’t all about me - everyone has the opportunity to set themselves little goals that they can achieve.

Whether it be training & completing in a triathlon or getting to the bottom of the ironing basket, we should all take the time to recognise our achievements, pat ourselves on the back and give yourself credit for a job well done.
Happy times!

Becstar x

Ps. I’ve giving you all a day off tomorrow but tune in Wednesday for the completion of MMDW, with a very special post.

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